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Zet Veloc

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The Zet Veloc is a smaller version of the Raptor and is designed for lighter paddlers. It is 10cm shorter, weighs 1kg less and has 20 litres less volume.
Performance-wise it is fractionally slower than the Raptor being a bit shorter but is slightly more stable.
  • Displacement hull with just enough edge
  • Fast hull with a nice amount of rocker
  • Variable hull thickness – Zelezny Technology - Zet Kayaks
  • No holes drilled around the cockpit
  • Front and rear buoyancy retention pillars
  • Robust seating
  • No DVT risk
  • The plastic carries a 2 year warranty
  • The outfitting carries a 2 year warranty


  • Length: 245cm (8ft)
  • Width: 65cm (2ft 1in)
  • Volume: 280ltrs
  • Cockpit Size: 91cm x 51cm (3ft x 1ft 8in)
  • Paddler Weight: 45 - 80kg (7st - 12.5st)
  • Weight of Boat: 18kg (39.7lbs)
  • Strong Points: 5 (2 on the bow, 3 on the stern)