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Flow Kayaks Limited is the UK importer and distributor for Zet Kayaks supplying a number of paddlesport retailers in the UK and Ireland. We also trade as Flow Kayaks Paddlesport Store in Nottingham and via a website.

Fuelled by genuine passion, our team of paddlers offer truly impartial advice and ensure that you get the kit that's right for you, and that fits properly! If you have any problems finding information on the website, please don't hesitate to call us on 01158557542 or email us at info@flowkayaks.co.uk.

Flow Kayaks Limited is a company registered in England, registration no.11421623. Registered address: Unit 13-14, Nottingham Wholesale and Trade Park, Clarke Road, Nottingham, NG2 3JJ. VAT no: 301395435.


Zet Kayaks are based in the Czech Republic. The excellent production engineer and kayak producer Zelezny, extreme kayaker Honza Lasko and the Czech white- water slalom representative Viktor Legat, have combined to invent and produce a white-water brand of kayaks - ZET Kayaks, bringing you good looking boats, solid quality and original outfitting.

What makes this kayak better than others is the sophisticated ”Zelezny Technology” which enables boats to be lighter and stronger than the other kayaks found in this category. Based on their 15 years of experience in kayak manufacturing, ZET Kayaks trust their technology and offer a two year warranty on all of their boats.

The design team was helped by a number of experienced kayakers who shared their views on the design during the whole development process. A professional designer gave the Raptor model its smooth and original looks and as Viktor Legat, a representative of Zet Kayaks, says: "Our goal is to supply the market with kayaks of excellent quality and with an original design".

All products are made using excellent technology and from the best existing materials. They use the unique “Zelezny Technology”, where the main goal is to make crucial points on the boat thicker and stronger. The technology of local steer plastic helps to make boats lighter and stronger than others.

Zet boats are made from linear high density polyethylene with rotational moulding. They increase the strength of specific areas of the boat, especially on the hull and nose. In addition to this they have managed to produce a thinner deck. As a result the boat is lighter and stronger.

They use the best possible linear polyethylene, but also test their material. Samples of materials and products go under pressure test up to 40 degrees.