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Sporty, stable and easy to maneuver, the CROSS has a long, wide rocker profile which has been designed to move easily through waves and holes while BOOFING beautifully at any speed. The planing 'mid' hull section is complimented by a subtle edge shape making the CROSS highly responsive when accelerating or holding a line. Meanwhile, the bow and stern's displacement hull shape allows for the CROSS to easily turn with no ‘catchy features’. Altogether, the CROSS is the perfect whitewater companion for any purpose or environment.
Designed for paddlers in the range 70 to 100 kg, the CROSS's incredible stability makes it suitable for not only expert kayakers, but also beginners and intermediate paddlers looking to improve their whitewater skills.
As always, the new CROSS is created using a superior moulding technology + baking process that guarantees a high quality, high strength plastic shell complete with a well proven outfitting scheme that out lasts all other boats in its class.
ZET’s simple yet proven outfitting design remains robust, fully adjustable, and comfortable. The thigh braces have been reshaped for greater comfort. A sturdy, closed-cell foam seat protects you from bigger impacts and provides considerable warmth compared to padded "water sponging" seats. Both front and rear pillar braces are formed seamlessly with the cockpit rim for added structural rigidity, safety and functionality. A supportive, dual ratcheting back-band sits firmly in place while providing unrestricted access to the rear of the boat. For the footrest, ZET provides their optional standard, adjustable bulkhead, or an un-drilled hull fitted with a customizable mini-cell foam foot-block to achieve the lightest, driest boat possible.
  • 2 year conditional warranty.
  • Minimum number of hardware holes in the hull.
  • Highly functional outfitting & interior attachment points.
  • Optional foam foot-block or factory-fitted C1 outfitting.
  • An original & progressive design with input from ZET Team paddlers.


  • Length: 8’11”/ 272 cm
  • Width: 26.5”/ 67 cm
  • Volume: 92.5 gal / 350 L
  • Cockpit: 36”x 20”/ 91 x 50 cm
  • Paddler: 155-220 lbs / 70-100 kg
  • Weight: 46 lbs / 21 kg

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